Laser & Accessories

Construction laser levels bring construction tasks to a whole new level of convenience and accuracy. These laser levels are rugged and durable measuring tools ideal for measuring distance, angles, slope, leveling, plumbing, aligning and more and are used for of machine control, excavation work, landscaping and building. Many construction professionals are now finding the need to own these construction lasers to perform better and compete well in the industry. Depending on the job, construction lasers levels have a broad array of capabilities and features, ranging from the basic laser measuring tape to machine mounted grading lasers. With highly visible laser beams, all of our lasers levels provide better accuracy with one button than manual construction calculations that can take 2 people to perform and leave plenty of room for error. Many construction lasers can measure hundreds, if not thousands of feet indoors or out. Determining the nature and size of the job site that you will be working on is important to know the specific construction laser to use.

Choose plumb or dot lasers if you want a laser level to work much like a reference point or a laser plumb bob. Typically used indoors, line laser levels are helpful for lining up a row of pictures, installing a shelf on a level plane along a wall and many other jobs.

On the other hand, rotary lasers provide 360 degree leveling and are useful when installing a chair rail around three or four sides of a room.
If you are working outdoors use laser detector to pick up beams not visible to the human eye in bright sunlight or far distances, and if you are laying pipes you can make your work easier with a pipe laser.

We have different kind of laser:

Grade lasers or slope lasers provide all the great benefits of our self-leveling lasers, but this rotary laser level also performs automatic slope or grade measurements, while still providing the same self leveling accuracy, distance and durability. The precision and reliability of grade laser level in general construction and machine control applications ensures both material and labor savings. Some laser grade levels also include a remote control and may come with a laser detector for increased working range or other advanced capability, such as grade matching or beam lock technology. Grade matching is a very helpful feature because it allows you to tilt the grade laser level line until it reaches or matches an existing grade.

Rotary laser levels or self leveling lasers are a contractor’s best friend when it comes to easily and automatically performing leveling jobs inside or out. They adjust to minor surface variations to provide extremely accurate leveling lines at fractions of an inch. The rotary laser is called such because the center spins, emitting a 360-degree level line around the entire area. Self leveling lasers help construction professionals figure out levels, distances, alignment and points when working on anything from drop-ceilings and framework leveling to concrete forms and setting foundations and footings so that everything is built with the highest precision.

Pipe lasers are an ideal construction laser tool for alignment, leveling, and even grading jobs involving sewers, storm drains, tunnels, and pipes. They are made to fit inside these small spaces and operated from a distance, but can also be easily set up above ground. Pipe lasers emit a visible laser beam that extends for hundreds of feet and can be adjusted horizontally or vertically, allowing you to set the pipe laser’s laser beam to a desired incline or grade and a desired angle or distance.

Dot and plumb lasers levels, also known as point laser levels, are essential construction tools that make your work a lot easier. These lasers project points either vertically, horizontally or plumb with millimeter-level accuracy for plumbing, aligning, leveling, and squaring tasks, all in one handheld construction tool.

When distance or lighting conditions no longer enable you to see your laser beam, laser detectors offer the solution for any general construction and outdoor applications. With laser receivers you can use your laser levels in the field, even in broad daylight because these devices are designed to easily pick up the laser that is being generated by your laser level. They are built construction-tough, designed to work in harsh environments, and provide precise accuracy.